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                • 數字壓力變送器

                Product Name:Digital Pressure Transmitter

                Specification:YCD-02C (I)



                Digital pressure transmitter

                I. Product overview

                  The digital pressure transmitter adopts embedded micro-processing and automatic temperature compensation technology, adopts ultra-low power consumption technology, and can be powered by 3V lithium battery with long service life.Compact structure with good anti-vibration, the transmitter has self-diagnosis function, flexible pressure alarm settings, real-time online measurement, according to user needs to set the sampling time, high measurement accuracy, stable and reliable performance.Transmitter has RS485 digital output and current signal output and other forms. Also according to user requirements, equipped with HART communication function. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, water supply, metallurgy and other industries. Such as oilfield water injection system, sewage treatment system pump inlet and outlet pressure measurement and control.

                  This product has been applied for national patent, patent number: ZL201120419125. X

                II. Technical features

                1. Advanced embedded low-power microprocessor technology and intelligent instrument technology, using high-performance pressure sensor to ensure the detection accuracy;
                2. Measurement accuracy up to 0.1 grade;
                3. Anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference technology;
                4.Ultra-low power management technology, battery life up to 2 ~ 3 years;
                5. Zero self-stabilization technology and temperature compensation technology;
                6. RS485, current 4 ~ 20mA and other signal output modes, which are convenient for users to use online;
                7. Output of upper and low limit pressure alarm signal;
                8. Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, EMC conforms to EN55022 (CLASS B), IEC61000 standard.

                III. Technical parameters

                Applicable Media


                Weakly corrosive liquids, gases


                Ambient temperature


                Measuring range


                Power supply mode


                3 V supply; DC24V

                Operating Power Dissipation


                Display Method

                               4-bit LCD display

                Accuracy Grade

                Grade 0.25; Grade 0.1; Grade 0.4

                   Output signal  1A/250VAC relay (upper and lower limit alarm control), RS485 (MODBUS RUT protocol)
                 Long-term stability

                < 0.2% FS/year

                 Battery life

                24 months (under normal operation and without alarm)

                 Allowable overvoltage

                Maximum range not exceeding 2 times

                 Pressure interface

                M20 × 1. 5 external thread

                   Protection level                 IP65

                Explosion proof certificate No.



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